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Request Membership

By seeking membership with RCHC, you imply that you know and will uphold the following:
1. You have read the Mission Statement and agree with it ("about RCHC" tab).
2. You are a current Christian homeschooling family in Kansas and are registered
     with the state of Kansas as a non-accredited school.
3.  You will be actively involved and help out as needed (ie. show up on time,
     don't leave events early as clean up is always necessary, volunteer whenever
      possible). All positions are on a volunteer basis.
4. You agree to modesty, encouragement, being drama-free and upholding Biblical
     values. Gossip and slander of any member will result in immediate termination.
5.  Release RCHC of any and all liabilities.
6.  Agreeing that any photos taken at any events may be posted on the RCHC
     Facebook page and/or used in the yearbook.
7. We do not require a membership fee. Funds for RCHC are received from
8. We do require that you participate in an orientation to be a member. This if for
     the safety and security of our kids. Orientation takes place every August.
Once you complete the form to the left, you will automatically receive an email with several questions. Submit those answers back to us and we will make a final decision for approval. Thank you.