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FIRST: Get access to the Facebook page (icon is on home page).

SECOND: Click on the REQUST MEMBERSHIP tab above.


      -Once you submit your information, you will receive

      an email. Please answer the questions and return

      them to the email provided to you.

THIRD: Schedule your family interview.

FOURTH: Welcome!


     -Upon approval, you will create a log-in to access and register

     for events, receive monthly & weekly newsletters as well as

     information for Co-op Classes, Competitive Sports, Speech &

     Debate Team, Oaks Academy of Arts, etc.

     -We do ask that members be active and participate in 2 events

     every Fall & Spring. There are many options to choose from.

     Our goal is not to overwhelm, but to provide various activities

     that encompass the needs and wants of the homeschooling


     -An active membership is considered to be those families who

     have participated in the annual orientation, signed the

     code of conduct and agree to uphold the mission statement.


The RCHC Board of Directors has the right to dissolve membership at any time to uphold the integrity and safety of the group.

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